Friday, April 30, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

It's hard to believe that our adventure is now only about 11 weeks away! As travel plans are finalized and tickets are purchased it is becoming real. I plan to be more active now with this blog and will be posting helpful and interesting information to make our trip even better. I always liked the anticipation and planning part of a trip. It makes the experience last longer. I encourage you to sign up for updates on the sidebar. That way you will be notified whenever there is new information posted.

To get the ball rolling I want to share a blog I recently came across. It is a couples person trip blog but they stayed at the Moulton Ranch Cabins and he has posted some great photos. Here is the link.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park

A visit to Jackson Hole isnt complete without a trip to Grand Teton National Park. A mere 11 miles north on US 26/89/191 past the National Elk Refuge to the entrance at Moose from downtown Jackson, the Park offers visitors everything from history to big mountains to scenic trails. Located one mile north from the turnoff to Moose, Antelope Flats Road heads east along Ditch Creek bringing one to historic Mormon Row and the vintage establishments of early settlers. The open fields, which are home to herds of grazing bison in the summer, provide awesome views of the Teton Range and an exciting excursion off the beaten path.
The old farm buildings known as Mormon Row have withstood the elements for more than a century, making them not only a great spectacle, but also much-photographed. The farmland here was homesteaded by predominantly Mormon settlers in the early 1900s, but was later purchased by Rockefellers Snake River Land Company and transferred to the Park Service. Although the famed Oregon Trail remained south and didnt technically pass through Jackson Hole, many emigrants who were traveling west made trips to the area in search of the Promised Land. Most of the first settlers of the area were from what is now Utah.
The Moulton Ranch, which is the main attraction nestled in a cluster of old wooden structures, still has an acre which in privately owned. The other buildings were allowed to decay until the 1990s when the Park Service realized their worth and took measures to preserve them. With roaming bison and blossoming arrowleaf balsam root dominating the landscape in summer, a trip to Mormon Row is a must-do. While in the area, also keep your eyes open for small groups of pronghorn antelope.
In winter, Antelope Flats Road is only plowed for the first mile to a parking turnout. An easy and enjoyable cross-country ski or snowshoe out to Moulton Ranch is a great opportunity to view white hare, coyotes, and the occasional moose.
A worthy side trip in the area is to the small settlement of Kelly, which boarders the southeastern end of the Park. With a handful of small log homes and a cluster of Mongolian-style yurts, the Kelly establishment is certainly one of the most unusual dwellings in Wyoming. Just east of Kelly are the Kelly Warm Springs, which is a great place for swimming and picnics on a sunny summer afternoon. The Gros Ventre Campground, which is maintained by the Park Service, is located three miles west of Kelly. Situated around Sheep Mountain, better known as Sleeping Indian, and 10,741-foot Jackson Peak, the scenery is nothing short of magnificent.

Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clark Howard's Fare Alert!

This great fare to Jackson Hole was just announced on Clark's show. It is only good through April but this is the kind of deal we need for our date. I will keep on top of it!

NEW! THINK SNOW! American offers a round-trip rate of $208 to Jackson Hole , Wyoming on trips started on or after December 17 and completed by April 5. Travel any available day. Stay at least any two nights. No blackouts! Inclusive rate: $250.40.

What others are saying about the ranch

"One of the best places to stay in the park (and I'm not doing myself or the other regulars any favors by letting everyone else know that!). The location of Moulton Ranch is superb -- direct, head-on views of the Tetons, unlike most any other lodging. This is a secluded property and in terms of placement within the park, it's ideal since it is virtually in the dead center center of the park (although it is NOT on the park road, but rather off of the highway).Folks looking for luxury accommodations: this is NOT The Four Seasons. If that's your preference, then stay at the actual Four Seasons in Teton Village, or the hilltop resort Amangani, or in the town of Jackson. This is a rustic and wildly charming lodging experience, with a few modern conveniences. No food service on the premises and some accommodations are shared bathroom (separate building).Owners of this property are the most wonderful people and will make you feel welcome."
This is a review by a traveler posting on Trip I love trip advisor and use it to help me find great places to stay. The reviews are posted by real travelers and are unbiased....though sometimes you have to take what is said with a grain of salt. It hasn't steered me wrong yet! There are a few other great reviews of the cabins posted on trip advisor if you'd like to check them out here is the link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Extending the Adventure

The View from Signal Mountain Lodge in Grand Teton National Park
Some of you have asked about extending their stay in the area either before or after our time at Moulton Ranch. I wanted to share a very beautiful spot you might like to consider if you want to spend more time in the area. When I took my family to the Tetons we stayed at the Signal Mountain Lodge which is in the National Park on Jackson Lake. They have motel rooms and log cabins. I just checked and they still have availability for next July. Jayne, Holly, Elaine and I are planning on arriving a few days early and will be staying at Signal Mountain Lodge. If you would like to read more about it here is a link to their website. I'd be happy to answer any questions. I also have looked at the availability at Yellowstone in case you want to spend time in that park. There is still scattered availability at the various lodging choices. I've stayed at two of the lodges so can try to answer your questions.

Trip Update

It has been a fast and furious week from the moment I got the email from Moulton Ranch with their unexpected availability to having everyone sign back up! Thank you all for your patience with all of the emails. I will be sending the deposit this weekend and I have heard from most of you as of Wednesday evening. Thank you! I will be monitoring the airfare and will let you know as soon as I hear of a good deal.

Welcome to our new Blog

Moulton Ranch Cabins

Welcome to our blog. I have set this site up for us to use for our base camp. Anything related to our trip plans will be posted here so that we all can stay informed. I will also be posting tips and interesting information about the area as I discover them. I believe that planning a trip and the anticipation is half the fun. Sign up for an email update if you wish to know when the site is updated.